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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Have Dysfunctional Seller Syndrome: Maximize your upside. Sellers Are Pocketing More Money SAVING 16% TO 32% ON REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS. Homes sell in 5 days or less? 90% of the buyers go online now and find the range of homes they want to see?

And You’re paying how much … “6%,7% or 8%" You don't think it's fair, well, neither do we. NO WAY - NOT HERE! Serious buyer receives new listing within 15 minutes of being listed in the REALTOR MLS. More eyes on your listing with the MLS the only accurate real time website for homes currently available that over 3,000 Realtors use to find home for buyers

Without compromising your market position. This is 2017 and No one calls E-Trade a discount stock broker, no one calls Amazon a half-price book seller and no one calls Expedia a discount travel agency, no one calls Walmart a discount grocery.
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