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Sunday, July 29, 2012 | |  | |  |   So, you're thinking about buying, investing or selling real estate. Sounds like you could use a realtor…or is it a real estate agent? Wait, no, maybe it's a real estate broker?

Oh well, it doesn't really matter who you call - they're all the same, right? Wrong!

Realtors, brokers and agents & how to tell the difference.
When it comes to choosing someone to represent your best interests, don't just assume that any real estate professional will do. Just because the terms are interchangeable, doesn't mean they're the same. So what exactly is the difference between realtors, brokers and real estate agents? Let's find out…

In order to qualify as a real estate agent, you must: Be at least 18 years of age Complete a course and pass an exam that tests your knowledge of basic real estate transactions and property sales laws.

A real estate broker is a real estate agent who has completed additional training and a more detailed coursework load. They first must be recommended by three other brokers to become a broker. Brokers take additional state test and training information that they learn during this time qualifies them to run their own brokerage firm. As such, a real estate broker have a more complete knowledge of real estate law. Furthermore, brokers are often awarded more power and responsibility than agents within a brokerage firm. Brokers normally manage a team of real estate agents and are in charge of ensuring that any transactions are completed without error.

Steve Albin chooses to work direct with buyers and sellers of real estate "Steve Albin is a Tennessee Real Estate Broker" and a "Certified Residential Specialists" Only 37,000 or 4% of Realtors® nationwide have earned the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation. CRS- Realtors® complete more than three times the transactions than the average Realtor®. There are over one million REALTORS® in business today. You have found that one-in-a-million.

Yes, a real estate agent can be a realtor it's important to note that not every real estate agent is a realtor, not all REALTORS® are "Tennessee Real Estate Broker" and a "Certified Residential Specialists".