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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mobile MLS Listings

Mobile MLS Listings view listings, search the MLS® System listings — all with no app to find, download or update.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Home shopping can be both exciting

DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | |  Home shopping can be both exciting and exhaustng but doing some preparaton before you hit the street to look at homes will help out tremendously.

Listing agents, the ones who have the listing, or you see on and ad represent the seller. They have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the seller's best interests, which, not surprisingly, are often in conflict with the buyer's best interests.

We will become your house-hunting team member.  "Only a buyer's agent is obligated to provide complete confidentiality of the buyers personal motives or financial intentions. " We work with Buyers to obtain the best price, known incentives like the Extended Benefits of Home Buyer Credit at Closing. Tina Mounger  865-748-6216  Steve ALBIN  865-235-1520 

What Sites Have You Visited in Your Home Search? 

Chances are you've already started your search online and and looked at Zillow or Trulia that is perfectly okay. We will be conductng our own search for you through the MLS. We will e-mail you propertes that match your search criteria with updates on new properties. 

Sometmes you may find a property that interests you that I may overlook based on the criteria you set forth. When this happens, please send the MLS # or property address to us at  or We will look it up on the MLS and ad it to our list. 

In the mean time if you need or want any additional information please feel free to contact us direct at your convenience Steve ALBIN 865-964-9476 or 235-1520   Tina Mounger   865-748-6216.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

$125,000 Homes across Knoxville

What $125,000 will buy you across Knoxville: A three-bedroom Home of Your Own.…/125000Homesac…/223796

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jimmy Haslam Selling Knoxville Mansion for $4.9 Million ....

Jimmy Haslam Selling Knoxville Mansion for $4.9 Million ....  According to realtytoday, the property was under the ownership of Haslam since 1996 when he acquired it for $1.4 million. Famous local architect Charles Barber designed the house in the 1920s along with other houses near the Tennessee River gives the house a scenic view of the river.

The house has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and four half bathrooms. It also has a master bedroom on the main level.

Among the other rooms in the house are the breakfast room, family room, workshop, a den that could be converted to a study, an office that could also double as a bedroom, laundry and utility room, storage room, and a sunroom.

If the areas inside the house is not enough to warrant an activity, one could simply step out and enjoy the view of the mountains and lake by the covered porch.

There is also a swimming pool where one could cool down from the Tennessee heat.