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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Veterans Day 2013 Monday, November 11, 2013

 Workforce Heroes........ Your own Personal Real Estate team to ensure you receive the first-rate treatment you have earned and deserve.

 Includes Personal advocacy, home mortgage approval assistance, title and legal document preparation assistance, home marketing assistance, home inspection and appraisal coordination, home buying counseling, home warranties and more all this for Workforce Heroes.

   Workforce heroes include but are not limited to teachers, firefighters, public safety officers, health care workers, military personnel, and other every day heroes who provide quality services to the public every day.  

 MLS Listings From Every REALTOR From Every Real Estate Company all the area MLS LISTINGS in one location..

   P.S.   I Will Sell a Home for Work Force Hero or Veteran Facing a Hardship FREE Pro Bono between now and Veterans Day in 2014: Giving Back To a Work Force Hero or Veteran in Need.    There is one thing I am going to do in my little corner of the world to make a difference to a Work Force Hero or Veteran between now and Veterans Day in 2014. I will list and sell one Work Force Hero or Veteran house this year pro bono, zero commission.     They have to have a special need of some sort (it can be financial) so long there is the possibility of an equity advantage. I’ll get it done for this Work Force Hero or Veteran gratis as my way of giving back. I can do this for one Work Force Hero or Veteran (or their survivors), and it can be in any of the following counties: Knox, Loudon, Sevier, and Anderson.    There is minimal small print to the offer, possibility of an equity advantage because I can’t guarantee that a buyer brokerage will be cool with forgoing their end, but there will be no listing commission.    If you know of a Work Force Hero or Veteran who needs to sell and a pro bono arrangement would make a difference between hardships or not, please let me know via phone or email. 865-235-152