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Friday, November 13, 2015

I saw that you just looked at a few homes online,

I saw that you just looked at a few homes online, is there anything I can be doing for you in the meantime while you're browsing online or any questions that you have? If you need or want any additional information please feel free to contact us direct at your convenience. 

If you would like to receive emails about new properties that come to the market let us know.  When a new property comes on the market, there's a price change, if the listing matches what you are looking for, we will sent you an email or call you about that property.

We will be working as your personal real estate buyer agent brokers. We will  scheduling all property showings on behalf of the you and we will make all arrangements to view and inspect the property. You should not contact listing agents directly.

We will answer any questions that you may have in negotiation of a successful purchase within the scope  of our expertise; and prepare the purchase agreement and additional forms for a successful closing of the transaction. We will continue to work as an advocate for your best  interests.

Steve Albin REALTOR 
Signature Homes Real Estate

P.S. Sometmes you may find a property that interests you that I may overlook based on the criteria you set forth. We will look it up on the MLS and arrange a showing tme for us to view the property, when this happens, please send the MLS # or property address to us at or or text us at 865-235-1520, We will look it up on the MLS and ad it to our list.